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  Why Use a Travel Agent  

Ten Reasons to Use a Travel Agent


  1. Convenient One-Stop Shopping - Travel agents can take care of every part of your vacation needs including airfare, lodging, ground transportation and entertainment.   Who wants to be the one to show up at an airport in the middle of the night and not have a way to get to your resort that is 30 minutes away??
  2. Consumer Advocate - As part of the CruiseOne franchise, we have substantial buying power that our suppliers don’t want to lose.  If you are unhappy, we can work on your behalf to see that things are rectified.
  3. Expert Guidance - Travel agents can help you get where you need to go, and provide tips to make your vacation great.  That way you won’t be surprised when you show up in Rio in July and find out that it’s winter there!
  4. Save Time - Let us do all the research and planning to make your vacation fantastic.  Have you ever Googled “Mexico vacation” and found millions of websites?  Yeah, we can help narrow that down for you!
  5. Choice - Travel agents can offer you different options and price quotes from suppliers so that you can choose what works best for you.  And those choices won’t include planning your honeymoon at a resort where the one pool was filled with screaming kids, or where your restful vacation is spent in New Orleans during Mardi Gras!
  6. Less Stress - It can be stressful to plan a vacation if you’re looking for lots of adventure, and your traveling companion wants plenty of time to relax, and the kids are looking for nonstop fun.  We can find the perfect balance so that everyone is happy, while you go play catch with your son in the back yard!
  7. Updated information - Travel agents attend seminars, webinars, and go through training so we are constantly updated with vital information and changes in the travel industry. Have you ever showed up for your beachfront hotel, only to find that a bigger one was built in front of it and now blocks your great view?
  8. Travel Documentation - Travel agents can make sure that you have the proper paperwork so that you don’t get to your destination and find out you really did need that Visa!
  9. Save money - Travel agents are aware of the current promotions our suppliers are offering, plus as a CruiseOne franchise we sometimes have exclusive deals for our clients!
  10. Excellent customer service - When you work with us, you won’t spend hours on hold waiting for someone to answer your questions, and you will always know who will answer the phone.  Plus, when was the last time you received a birthday card or handwritten thank you card from the online site you booked your vacation through?




When you book directly with a cruise line or another vacation supplier, you are paying for something that you are not receiving:  the services of a professional travel agent.

Travel agent commissions are always automatically built into the price of your vacation.  It is the way the industry has always priced itself.  If you book direct, the vendor just pockets the commission, and you get nothing in return.  You are just computer data and a credit card number - with the computer software being your "agent".

When you book your Suzanne Klasen - Your CruiseOne Travel Professional, on the other hand, you have an advocate;  Someone who will be with you from start to finish, and even after you return from your vacation!


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